Cheese — Michel Roux

Cover of Cheese by Michel Roux

Cheese: The Essential Guide to Cooking With Cheese, Over 100 Recipes
Michel Roux
Quadrille Publishing, 2017

Okay, people, listen up. Michel Roux wants to talk to us about cheese.

Seriously though, when someone like Michel Roux writes a cookbook, regardless of the subject matter, we should all take notice. The chef holds a plethora of awards, including an OBE, the Legion of Honour, and a Chevalier in the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, all for his contributions to gastronomy.

Cheese doesn’t futz around. After a brief introduction, Roux lays out the basics of cheese-making, a list of the different cheese categories, quality classifications, and tips for storing and cooking with cheese. Then we’re right into the 100-plus recipes from all parts of the world that feature cheese as a main ingredient.

Roux jumps from sneaky basics like celery with Roquefort butter and walnuts to trickier canapes like Parmesan lace shells filled with goat’s cheese. Soups include the classic Normandy French onion and gazpacho, and throughout, recipes are drawn not just from Roux’s native France, but Greece (spanakopita), Italy (spaghetti with Pecorino), Switzerland (raclette), and South America (pork and cheese empanadas). Desserts include tiramisu, creme brule, and a lovely orange pistachio cheesecake.

While Roux lists specific cheeses in each recipe, he also offers suggestions for replacement in the cases where his favoured cheese might not be available.

Recipes are concise and easy to follow, with clearly laid out steps and ingredients. Photos by Lisa Linder are enticing and beautifully shot in a warm light. Measurements are only given in metric in the edition I have, so US readers will need to convert quantities before beginning each recipe.

Roux also includes a section of basics at the back; recipes for stocks, sauces, and pastry that are used within the main recipes.

Whether you love cheese or are hesitant to cook with it because you find all the different types overwhelming, Michel Roux has created the perfect book to get you into the kitchen and try some new (classic) cheese-based recipes.

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