Welcome to Food Book Feast


Food Book Feast is a website that celebrates books about food. It came about as the culmination of a number of projects I had worked on over the years. For the past decade I’ve written about food in one context or another, first as a traditional food journalist and critic, and then as the editor and publisher of an anthology of food writing, then finally as a writer of food-themed fiction trying to promote and sell my own work.

I know how hard it is to find an audience for all genres of food-themed writing, but I also know that the people who love books about food really, really love them and often have trouble finding interesting titles, even though those books are definitely out there.

So the idea with Food Book Feast is to share and promote all types of books about food. Cookbooks, of course, but also great books about food history, chef biographies, food trends, and the amazingly large area of food fiction — I was boggled at just how many food-themed mystery series’ there are out there, likewise food-themed romances — as well as children’s books, and more.

The only thing we’re not keen on is diet books and junk science, so we won’t be covering those here.

I want Food Book Feast to be a resource for readers as well as writers and publishers. We’ll help authors promote their books through interviews, contests, and even listings to find reviewers, and we hope readers will find us useful for discovering many new books, authors, and publications they didn’t even know about.

We’re starting off small, but are excited to build our readership and our archive with daily (weekday) posts. It’s mostly reviews at the moment, but we’re looking forward to working with many authors and publishers to bring our readers a full buffet of interesting food-themed books.

Please check back frequently as we grow, and if you are a writer or publisher of food-themed books, please visit our Be Featured section to get in touch.

Warm Regards,

Sheryl Kirby
Food Book Feast Editor